Maureen Conley

English Teacher and Mindfulness Instructor

Maureen Conley Photo


  • Bachelor of Arts in English and History, University of Utah

  • Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, University of Utah

  • Utah Level II Certified Teacher

  • Licensed to teach secondary English and History


As an educator, Maureen is committed to effective, compelling, and appropriate pedagogical approaches and teaching practices. She believes that the classroom is a space in which young people can safely and confidently participate as individuals, and in the process, create a unique and dynamic classroom community. Maureen understands how the use of technology has shaped and changed students’ ability to participate in the intellectual pursuits and challenges presented in the classroom. Therefore, she adheres to the belief that students need an education which provides the analytical skills necessary for students to evaluate the value and essence of any information put in front of them, regardless of form. As an educator, she understands her responsibility to attend to each student’s learning needs and growth. The work and collaboration of Gateway’s academic team ensures that Maureen’s students receive the instructional guidance and support they need to become accomplished scholars.


Maureen joined the academic team at Gateway Academy in 2019.  She has taught in both middle school and high school settings, including courses in American Literature, British Literature, Composition, Reading Strategies, and Reading Comprehension classes. She enjoys teaching students about their areas of strength and watching students become more autonomous learners and critical thinkers. 


Maureen enjoys yoga and meditation, as well as charcoal and pencil drawing. In her free time, she also spends time refining her stained-glass artistry, reading, and watching foreign and indie films. She has lived in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Illinois.

Creating Student Success

Albert Einstein once said, “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as hard duty.” Maureen believes in creating a respectful, inclusive, and supportive classroom for each student. She knows that the study of English and literature provides students with insight into themselves and their humanity offering them the opportunity to critically observe themselves and society on a more meaningful level. Maureen understands the appropriate guidance students require to gain self-confidence and experience a greater sense of achievement in school turning classroom boredom and drudgery into a compelling, independent, and effective means of acquiring and organizing scholarship.