Matt Jackman

Summit Therapist

Matt Jackman Photo


Matt uses a relationship-based approach to connect with even the most challenging clients.  He approaches each client through the lens that they are doing the best they can, and that sometimes we just need some help and support to overcome what life throws at us. Matt excels at creating a therapeutic relationship with clients that is equal parts supportive and challenging. He uses this relationship to create a safe environment where clients are able to develop the strengths and skills they will need to be successful going forward in life.  


After graduating from Westminster College in 2012 with his master's degree in professional counseling, Matt worked to become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  He was hired by his internship agency continuing to work with adults struggling with substance abuse and other addictions while working to become fully licensed.  Upon achieving his licensure, Matt then began working as a therapist for both male and female adolescents in residential treatment.  He has experience providing individual, group and family therapy for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship diffiulties, and more. Matt joined the Gateway Academy clinical team in 2016.  Throughout his career, Matt has worked to help clients use the therapy experience to achieve their desired outcomes by meeting clients where they are at and helping them gain the necessary insight and skills to start living the life they are looking to live.


When he is not working, you’re most likely to find Matt being active playing sports or enjoying the outdoors.  He loves spending time with family and friends any chance he gets and has recently taking up cooking as his newest hobby.   


Success comes through taking an honest look at our lives to see what is working and what is not working.  As we gain this insight, we can begin to let go of the maladaptive patterns we have developed over time that our holding us back from leading the healthy and happy lives we desire.  This is hard work that require vulnerability and effort.  However, when done correctly it can turn the anchors that hold us back into the sails that propel our lives forward.