John Weber

B.A., M.S.
Math Teacher

John Weber Photo


  • Bachelor of Arts, German, California State University, Fullerton

  • Master of Science Education, Mathematics, Walden University


John’s philosophy on teaching is grounded in his personality and his desire to help students, which aligns with the pedagogical approach at Gateway Academy. He uses the fundamentals of math to hone in on the needs of struggling students in algebra and geometry, while giving them skills to navigate the loftier heights of pre-calculus and calculus.


John has been teaching high school math since 2001, and college math since 2015.  He taught at various high schools in Southern California, and one therapy-based boarding school in Utah before coming to Gateway Academy. At the college level, he taught at ITT Technical College, Strayer University, Whittier College, Weber State College, Utah State University, and Salt Lake Community College.


When John is not at Gateway, he enjoys outdoor recreational activities, such as skiing, surfing, volleyball, hiking, biking, swimming, frisbee, and skateboarding. He also loves being with his grandchildren, and tries to teach them academic and physical skills to help them lead a balanced life.


The Summer Term allowed John flexibility to teach math concepts in a way that students could grasp. For example, to better understand the quadratic equation, John taught a lesson on the flight of an object through the air. Students used paper airplanes and incorporated the physics principles of lift and surface coefficients of friction (drag). The students enjoyed connecting math with real-world concepts.