Damon Tamasese

Admissions Counselor

Damon Tamasese Photo

Damon joined Gateway's Admission team in 2023. Damon is energetic, adaptable, and professional, and he loves to help others.

He started his career in 2018 as Registered Behavior Technician working with adolescents and families implementing Applied Behavioral Services. These services are based on the science of learning and behavior using understanding of how behavior works in real world situations in order to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning. In 2019, Damon became an associate family teacher for an adolescent residential treatment program where he worked with employees helping meet their needs and fostering a positive employee experience. He has a strong background in team-based workplaces emphasizing cross-functional communication and collaboration.

Damon spent two years serving the people in Fiji building homes and teaching them life skills. Damon is a "foodie" and claims "food is a universal language."