Casie Buckner-Munteanu

B.A., M.Ed.
Academic Director

Casie Buckner-Munteanu Photo


  • Master of Education, in Educational Leadership, Concordia University

  • Master of Arts, in Political Science, University of California Davis

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Whitman College


Casie is dedicated to holistic education where students, teachers, parents and administrators work together to provide the support students need to succeed. As an educator, Casie seeks to incorporate brain-based and social emotional learning (SEL) research in student learning and, therefore, values constant re-evaluation of standards and curricula to achieve academic excellence. Casie believes we are all a community of learners and that some of the most educational activities happen outside the traditional classroom. As Gateway's Academic Director, Casie strives to inspire a passion for learning and enthusiasm for critical thinking in order to empower the students she serves. Casie leads Gateway's talented and dedicated faculty team. Together, they provide outstanding academic direction, services, and growth to Gateway students and their families.


Casie joined Gateway in 2015.  Her love of teaching began in 1998 when she worked at the American International School of Bucharest, and taught ESL courses in Romania. She taught for several years at the college level, and has also worked in private secondary schools and programs. Casie has taught English, political science, government, economics, and debate. She strives to inspire a passion for learning, self-discovery, and intellectual creativity. Aside from teaching, Casie has worked with students outside of class, through academic advising and college counseling. In her spare time, she also works as a free-lance instructional designer and technical editor, where her fascination with details and grammar are truly appreciated! Casie has coached debate teams, directed summer camps, and provided mentoring and writing assistance to prepare high school seniors for college.


Casie loves to be in the outdoors and take in nature.  She has lived in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Northern and Southern California, Hawaii and Romania. As a lifelong learner, Casie enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring new adventures with her family.


Learning about current events is a 21st century skill students need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Casie has found that students become more engaged in critical thinking exercises by learning about current events. During a research methods course at Gateway, students were asked to develop opinion papers based on evidence found in current topics in the news. Casie enjoyed watching the “lightbulb go on” when students’ eyes were opened to the world around them.