Addison Odum

Alpine Therapist

Addison Odum Photo


  • Master of Social Work, Utah State University

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Memphis College of Art

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Memphis College of Art

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Through a strengths-based lens and an embodied approach, Addison works with each family according to their unique needs, challenges, and strengths. It is through a holistic, collaborative approach that we will address your child’s needs and struggles. One of the things Addison realized very quickly when she joined the Gateway team is the intentionality behind every aspect of their programming. This aligns with Addison’s belief that structure, coupled with individualized attention and flexible interventions, are key to helping young people develop a strong sense of self and well being in today’s tumultuous world. 

Addison recommends that parents read The Parallel Process by Krissy Pozatek, Parenting From The Inside Out by Dan Siegel, and Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.


Addison’s professional path began as a traditional bookmaker and photographer before becoming an elementary school art teacher in Memphis, TN. There she learned a lot about behavioral management and building group culture. After working in higher education for several years, Addison shifted her trajectory into the world of clinical practice. Since then, she has worked in wilderness therapy and crisis intervention with adolescents, teens, and young adults, counseled adjudicated youth and their families to build stronger relationships with each other and the greater community, and provided individual therapy to a wide range of clients. Overall, Addison specializes in helping young people develop life skills, learn to manage anxiety and depression, and work with challenging interpersonal relationships while healing from troubled pasts.


Addison loves running around in the mountains hiking, climbing, and biking. Road cycling is her latest passion, though sitting in the quiet of a coffee shop with a good book and journal are a close second. Her other hobbies include woodworking, cooking up yummy meals with whatever’s in the fridge, and learning as much as possible from interesting podcasts and blogs. She is also a fan of good ol’ fashion letter writing and as much as possible, refrains from purchasing too many fancy stationery kits. 


Change can happen in an instant or unfold over a longer arc of time. Whatever the case, it is a process that requires awareness, support, creativity, and acceptance of each individual’s personal challenges along the way. Learning to communicate effectively, take other’s perspectives, establish and respect boundaries, and use our missteps as a learning opportunity are part of the path toward success. Addison has seen the most powerful transformations take place not in isolation, but in relationship to one another. That is why the container created at Gateway is such a powerful opportunity for students; nearly every moment in the day is a chance to work on the skills needed to be a successful young adult who can establish healthy connections with themselves, peers and family members.