Aaron Worrell

Residential Manager

Aaron Worrell Photo

Aaron has three years of experience working in Residential Treatment Centers both in leadership and non leadership roles. 

  • Leadership experience in team management through professional experience and personal workshops.

  • Experienced as a paraprofessional educator, providing 1-on-1 support for more challenging behaviors.

  • Certified Aegis Instructor for Crisis Management and Deescalation. 


Aaron’s philosophy is one that is led by modeling and teaching accountability. His aim is to show students that accountability is something you choose that when done effectively, can result in greater respect and connection with others as well as increased confidence in oneself. Aaron encourages the students to look at their life through the lens of focusing on what their options are rather than getting stuck on things that are out of their control. Through this approach, Aaron helps to empower students so they experience greater ease and more positive results in their lives. 


Aaron has five years of combined experience working with students as a paraprofessional in residential mental health treatment settings and as a paraeducator in the public school setting. Prior to working with youth, Aaron was employed in customer service where he worked his way up to leadership positions. Aaron has brought the communication skills he learned working in customer service here to Gateway where he models effective communication and listening with both colleagues and students.  


In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. When not spending time with them, he is often finding a creative outlet in music or just killing time playing games with friends.