Tate Howell

Math Teacher

Tate Howell Photo


  • Bachelor of Science, Composite: Teaching Mathematics/Physical Science/Computer Science; Weber State University

  • Utah Level II Certified Teacher

  • Licensed to Teach Secondary Math, Level III Endorsement


Tate has a great passion for teaching mathematics. He is fascinated by students’ unique approaches to solving problems. Tate tries to let students lead the discovery of a mathematical concept, before adding more conventional observations to the lesson. He claims that this creates an environment where math can become personally relevant to each student. Tate believes that teaching and learning are intrinsically bound together and that both learning and teaching need to be constantly adjusted under the scrutiny of logic. Creating best practices and “good” teaching methods only go so far if authentic learning is not occurring. Tate understands that adjustments to curriculum must be made in real time in order to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.


Tate joined the academic team at Gateway Academy in 2019 after nearly 20 years of teaching high school math in a local public school. He coached his district’s math team in competition for several years, designed math curriculum for middle school students, and tutored students in all levels of secondary mathematics and science. 


Tate is an accomplished musician. He loves playing guitar and piano, writing music, and playing with his bands. He also is an accomplished water color painter, and specializes in landscapes that represent his beloved home, the State of Utah. In addition, he has a great passion for fishing. He claims that if he could get away with it, he would probably spend all of his time teasing Blue Ribbon trout on the Provo river.

Creating Student Success

Tate understands that real success can only occur if a student experiences a personal connection with the learning process. He recognizes that this process begins with the teacher/student relationship. Students know right away if you genuinely care about them or not. Once they know that you care, learning becomes a quest to discover, as opposed to a mere chore.