Joseph Orr

History and Social Studies Teacher

Joseph Orr Photo


  •     Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Sciences, Utah Valley University


Joseph believes that the most important thing a person can take from education is an understanding of how to think critically, how to ask questions, and how to think for oneself. A successful student will be one who never stops asking ‘Why?’ As such, he structures his classroom to be a safe, open environment where students can freely express themselves, explore new ideas and challenge assumptions.


Joseph joined the Gateway academic team in May 2021.  Previous to this role, Joseph taught digital literacy at Hillside Middle School in Salt Lake City where he helped students explore media safety and critical thinking in their online interactions. He has always been fascinated by history and politics, and loves teaching social studies.


Joseph was born in Salt Lake City, and grew up in Utah. Though never a great athlete, he has always loved exercise and enjoyed cross country running in high school, as well as debate. His inability to hold still in grade school translated into a love of doodling that continues to this day. Additionally, he is also a passionate reader and loves to examine film and art.   

Creating Student Success

Joseph believes that creating student success is an endeavor not necessarily exclusive to the work a student produces. He feels that an inclusive model of academics, physical outlets, mental exercises separate from schoolwork and relationships built through interacting with peers, teachers, parents, and the community build a healthy member of society.