Jake Haltom

Academic Manager, Registrar

Jake Haltom Photo


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Experience working with youth in recreational and residential programming since 2013

  • AEGIS Systems Instructor specializing in crisis intervention


Jake understands that a teenager's "job" is to go to school, so finding academic success is critical to a student's self-esteem. Many of our students, though very bright, have experienced failure at school. This failure has contributed to the emotional difficulties our students face. Jake believes that education has to be part of the cure for our students to achieve long-term success. They must learn to excel in the classroom as students and learners so when they return to their "job" they have the confidence to know they can be successful. Jake is also a strong believer in the Relationship Model we practice at Gateway. This model encourages finding the balance between building a supportive relationship and holding firm boundaries. Jake strives to make healthy connections with the students by learning about their interests, getting involved in their programing, and supporting their academic success. Jake’s approach is calm and caring as well as clear and firm. Jake loves to help students understand that we all need to slow down and listen to others as well as ourselves, to check our beliefs, and move forward with a clearer understanding of our goals and expectations. 


Jake completed his undergraduate studies in 2016 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Goddard School of Business and Economics at Weber State University. Shortly after obtaining his degree, he found Gateway as well as his passion for working with youth in a therapeutic environment. He is eager to pursue his next educational degree by studying psychology. Jake has moved his way up through various residential and academic positions at Gateway, his last position being the Gateway House Manager.


Jake is family man. Whenever not at work, he is with his wife and two daughters. Usually they can be found spending time outside especially when water is involved. Jake is also a bit of a Jack-of-All-Trades. He loves to learn from and engage with people. Some of his hobbies include: soccer, cooking, hiking, rock climbing, roller blading, spikeball, food critiquing, drawing, pickleball, gaming, and really anything he is invited to do.