Gillian Neubert

Residential Manager - Gateway House

Gillian Neubert Photo


  • Bachelor's Degrees in Economics and Psychology

  • Experience working with adolescents in Mental Healthcare since 2017

  • Leadership and Management experience in Residential Treatment

  • Manager and captain of the Connecticut College Alpine Race Team for the 2017 and 2018 seasons

  • Certified in Technical Ropes Rescue, White Water Rescue, and White Water Rafting Instruction

  • German/English Bilingual 


Gillian takes a direct yet empathetic approach, with her main priority being emotional and physical safety. Gillian aims to help students transition from the safety bubble, which residential Treatment provides, into what she refers to as the "real world." The "real world" means the students' life after graduating from Gateway. Gillian sees this transition as a very integral part of the therapeutic process. 


Gillian earned her Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Psychology from Connecticut College in 2018. After graduating college, Gillian knew that she wanted to build her profession in the field of Psychology. During her junior year of college, Gillian did a Clinical internship at a treatment center in Utah, where she worked with adolescent girls. Since graduating, Gillian has worked with teenage males and females at several treatment centers and clinical therapeutic programs. Gillian is an invested team player, as reflected in the various roles she has held in leadership throughout her career. Gillian's diverse skill set allows her to provide a wide variety of mentoring to students and the teams she leads. 


In her free time, you can catch Gillian skiing, riding horses, with her nose in a book, or spending time with her dog, Callie. She loves to travel and has visited many parts of the world. Gillian loves spontaneity and is always up for an adventure.