Emily Faber

Clinical Director

Emily Faber Photo


  • Master of Social Work, University of Utah

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, Western Michigan University

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Structured studies in India focused on self-soothing with meditation and yoga.


Emily understands the importance of building a strong, safe, grounded relationship with each student. To do so, Emily connects with each youth on an individual level. She also helps each student understand that she doesn't "fix" them, nor does she believe any of them is "broken." Rather, Emily believes each youth needs to learn new skills to take responsibility for creating their own happiness.

Emily recommends that parents read The Parallel Process. For specific issues, she recommends, Addictive Thinking, SOS Help for Emotions, Helping a Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Asperger's Disorder, Being Adopted, and Letting Go of Anger.


Emily has worked with at-risk youth since 1994 as wilderness staff, therapist assistant, milieu staff, and therapist. Emily specializes in helping teens who have difficulty forming relationships, who are anxious or depressed, and who struggle with executive functioning or processing disorders. Emily is known for her commitment, enthusiasm, and ability to connect well with the students and their families. She loves working at Gateway because of the program's clinical sophistication.


Emily enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, biking, snowboarding, reading and cooking at home. She often uses her love of the outdoors to connect with the boys. Her colleagues describe her as a fun-loving "ball of fire."

Creating Student Success

Emily recalls working with a young man with Tourette's syndrome and substance-abuse problems. He painstakingly engaged in the difficult process of healing, working hard to get his life on track. Years later, she met him again and could see no signs of Tourette's. He was sober, attending a university, and engaged to be married. Emily has had several of her students check back with her to tell how happy they are, and how well they are doing. As a therapist, Emily's greatest reward is seeing the progress the students make putting into practice what they've learned at Gateway Academy.