Danny Sayre

Outdoor Experiential Manager

Danny Sayre Photo


  • Experienced in Outdoor Experiential Education and Interventions since 2012

  • Educational experience in Parks Recreation and Tourism University¬†of Utah

  • Certified Wilderness First Responder

  • Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructor


Danny started working in the Outdoor Experiential program in 2021. He is strong at building relationships with the students and approaches each of them with empathy. In these relationships, he is able to build trust and help guide the students through the program and their therapy. Danny brings a lot of patience when interacting with our students in each unique scenario. Taking the time needed for each student, Danny can support them as they develop positive skills, giving them confidence and independence.


Danny started working in outdoor education in 2012, where he worked as a ski instructor at Brighton Ski Resort. He spent many seasons working at Brighton as both an instructor for clients and a trainer for staff. He also spent time in the summers working at the Utah Olympic Park, guiding people through ropes courses, ziplines, and other various adventures. In the summer of 2021, Danny started working at Gateway as part of the Outdoor Experiential Adventure (OE) team. In April of 2022, Danny was promoted to his current position as an OE Manager. Danny is experienced in all four OEE modules and understands how to integrate the OE program with our clinical, residential, and academic programming.


In Danny's free time, you can find him exploring the mountains and deserts, often with his dog Acadia. During the wintertime, he will go wherever he can find snow for some skiing and snowboarding.